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Saboteur Crime Prevention - Blind closer

1) Easy to install and remove for manual operation (no modification to blind needed i.e. retrofitted).
2) Ideal for holidays and going away from home.
3) Battery powered with long battery life (no wires to run).
4) Automatic open and close times with random feature within a half an hour so it does not close and open at exactly the same time each day.
5) Remote control.

Blind closer in action Blind closerattached to the wall Blind closer located nearer to the floor

Your vertical blind controller has the following features,

• Easy to remove for manual operation.
• Fits different size ball chains.
• Long battery life.
• Battery low indication.
• Automatic open and close times.
• One touch open and close.
• Programmable tilt delay.
• Random mode.
• Child lock.

The Blind closer upclose
Buy Automatic security blind closer for blinds with controls on the RIGHT
Now for only £125.00


Buy Automatic security blind closer for blinds with controls on the LEFT
Now for only £125.00


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