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Make it look like someone is home FakeTV is a truly new and innovative product, and takes advantage of the most recent advancements in technology.  Please help us spread the word, and make burglary a little harder.

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New Realism in Occupancy Simulation

A light on a timer is a great idea, and we still recommend that you use one. It can be seen from the street, and gives a good first impression. But timers are commonplace, and burglars know this, so a timer is not enough. Worse, lights are static. But the light from a television is something entirely different. It is constantly changing, and gives the impression of "alive." FakeTV recreates that light, and recreates that impression.

So why not just put a television on a timer? It will not work! Modern televisions turn on with push-buttons, so they will not turn on from an external timer.

So why not just leave a television on whenever you are away? Well, aside from consuming a lot of power needlessly, televisions get gradually dimmer with time. Does it make sense to use up the life of an expensive TV when nobody is watching it?

The Solution is FakeTV

The FakeTV in use

Using FakeTV could not be simpler. Place FakeTV where it will light up a room, but you cannot see the FakeTV unit itself. A second floor room is ideal, but a first floor room with translucent shades or blinds works fine, too. Then, each evening at dusk FakeTV's built-in light sensor will turn the unit on. FakeTV turns off automatically after a switch-selectable time.

Burglars will almost always circle a home once before entering. They are looking for the easiest way in, and looking for signs of life. FakeTV gives them just those signs! Few burglars will enter a home that they think is occupied.

This gives you an idea of what the FakeTV itself looks like, but not really the effect. To see that, you want to look at the room that FakeTV is illuminating. To know what that looks like, just turn on your television in a dark room, and look at the wall opposite the TV.

For this clip, we chose a short time when the FakeTV unit happened to be very active. Other times, and just like a real television, FakeTV is relatively static. We allowed no telltale signs that would permit a prowler to tell whether or not this was the real thing, even if he was looking for it.

Quality in Every Detail
FakeTV upclose

FakeTV is extraordinarily simple to use and well thought-out. The highest quality components are assembled to produce a quality product that you will enjoy for years to come. Our core business as a company is automotive sensors and controls-- we are familiar with needing to produce high reliability at a low cost.

FakeTV becomes part of your home, and we have designed it as such. Yes, it is highly functional, but it is also attractive. The opalescent diffuser lens gives a pretty glow, and the optical illusion formed by the LEDs on the screen is frankly fascinating to watch. (Although we discourage you from doing so-- it is never healthy to look at any bright light source for an extended period of time.)

What if I Already Have a Burglar Alarm System?

You have an alarm system-- great! You reduce your odds of a break-in by roughly 2/3. What about the remaining 1/3? Thieves can still cause you much misery in a "smash and grab" robbery. You still want to make your home look occupied, and FakeTV goes a long way to creating the "somebody is home" impression.

Neither FakeTV nor even an elaborate and expensive occupation simulation system (such things exist!) can guarantee you will not have a break in. But, you can make your home look occupied, and thus improve your odds, for a remarkably modest price, and with no hassle at all.

The FakeTV brand of television light simulator is custom manufactured in Malaysia by Xenso Sdn. Bhd.

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